Sandvox sites that get noticed use Blueball Sandvox designs!

Charlie of Blueball Design showing his ball balancing skillsWe're a small niche design company offering high end web design services all at budget loving prices, with support and follow through second to none. You'll find us most days working away at our Macs in our small brick studio deep in the woodlands of Waxhaw, North Carolina watching the deer and other wildlife go by, consuming mass quantities of coffee as we code away on new Sandvox designs.

We firmly believe that simpler is better in web design layout, so we've gone back to the basics of what good design is all about.

Our Blueball Sandvox designs are original, minimal, functional, unique, and reliable. They generate a positive return for our users and get their Sandvox sites noticed.
Our design philosophy from the start has been that our Sandvox designs should enhance your site's content not overwhelm it, and display correctly in all the major browsers. This is what we strive for as a goal with each new Sandvox design we create!

Sandvox sites that get noticed use Blueball designs!

One of the placeholder images used in our Sandvox designs that helps
emphasize the visual impact using a Blueball design can have
on your site helping it stand out and get noticed!

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