APEX - The ultimate responsive sandvox design!


The Blueball Apex design turbo charges any Sandvox site layout into a performance driven responsive layout automatically when applied to an existing Sandvox site. 

Plus you can easily set a custom banner image AND a custom full screen page background image to really make your site pop for a maximum impact with site visitors when viewing your page content!


To display custom banner images and page background images is easy to do. Just add a few lines of code we provide to call and display one of our 16 custom banner images or 16 page background images we provide for you to use or display your own custom banner and background images. Choose one of the nine optimized Blueball Apex color designs for your site, or customize your Blueball Apex site's look with options listed in the two detailed easy-to-understand user guide and customization Apex user guide pdf files.

It's never been easier to turbo charge your existing Sandvox site today with Blueball Apex, and turn it into a performance driven responsive Sandvox site layout you can be proud of.

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