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This is an example blog to show how your blog can look using our Blueball Apex responsive Sandvox design. Note the clean appearance, the Font Awesome icons used, the full content area width images in the individual blog posts, and how each blog post's text and images scale down for you automatically to fit in the browser window on tablets and smartphones.

APEX - The ultimate responsive sandvox design!


The Blueball Apex design turbo charges any Sandvox site layout into a performance driven responsive layout automatically when applied to an existing Sandvox site. 

Plus you can easily set a custom banner image AND a custom full screen page background image to really make your site pop for a maximum impact with site visitors when viewing your page content!

Blueball Simplex - A fresh new responsive Sandvox design that's mobile-friendly!


The Blueball Simplex responsive Sandvox design offers a stylish simple clean colorful layout packed with hidden complex and powerful features that take your existing Sandvox design to a whole new level.

Apply the Blueball Simplex design and your Sandvox site automatically becomes responsive and mobile-friendly. Add a few lines of code we provide to call and display one of our 24 custom banner images we provide for you to use or display your own custom banner images. Choose one of the eleven color designs in Blueball Simplex. Completely customizable, Blueball Simplex comes with detailed easy-to-understand user guide and customization guide pdf files to help you out.

If you've been waiting for a Sandvox design to make your existing site mobile-friendly and responsive, and make it standout with a professional look that says wow, get Blueball Simplex today!

Now desktop, tablet and smartphone users alike will have your site content displayed in site layouts specifically targeted to their device screen sizes.

Meet Blueball Reactive. The responsive design every Sandvox user can use.


Blueball Reactive is the responsive design Sandvox users have been waiting for. The Reactive design uses uniquely structured css code and a custom javascript file to display a true responsive layout automatically for you when you publish your Sandvox site. Be sure to look through the read me files that came with your Reactive Responsive design download before you build your site. …

Designing business or personal sites with Sandvox and the Reactive design is fast and simple to do for new and pro Sandvox users alike.

flexor blogpostimg 01

Anyone can quickly design and produce a great looking website with Sandvox. And now with Reacitve, you can also generate a responsive layout automatically for your Sandvox site when it is published. To see what Reactive does when it scales and respositions your site's page elements and images on mobile devices, try viewing the pages in this demo site using your iPad or iPhone. The Reactive Responsive design works with the following browsers: Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 8+, iPhone 4 + 5 + 6, iPad 2 + 3, and Android.

Customize the Reactive Responsive design layout to give your site a unique appearance.

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