Blueball White 3-Column Design Available!


We had a lot of email requests from Sandvox users for a "White" version of our popular Blueball Shadow design, so we are proud to announce the release of our new Blueball "White" 3-column design bundle! This release offers a clean white and open layout with 9 dynamic color schemes that help your Sandvox site's images and content stand out from the rest.  

The Blueball White design is the perfect Sandvox design choice to use for small business, photography, educational, blog, & personal sites!

The Blueball White design's vertical nav menu allows you to have a large number of pages listed in it, MUCH more than a normal Sandvox design does. And with the nav menu displaying in the left column, even if you hide the sidebar it will always display allowing consistent easy navigation access to all your site's pages.

Automatic image resizing is built into the design files that overrides Sandvox's default image resizing. This means that all your larger content area images are automatically resized for you to the full width of the content area with the sidebar showing (less 15px) for maximum impact. If you want to create a dynamic and unique professional Sandvox site that will get noticed and produce results for you, give Blueball White a try! Requires Sandvox 1.6.


  • Clean and open white 3-column layout design places the viewer's focus onto your site's content.
  • Perfect for business, photography, educational, blog & personal sites!
  • Vertical Nav Menu lets you include large number of pages in menu.
  • 1 fixed width: 996px
  • 9 color schemes.
  • 9 designs included in bundle.
  • Bannerimage size 738px by 160px.
  • Logo image size 178px by 57px.
  • Built-in image resizing to the full width of the content area (less 15px) with sidebar showing.
  • 18 indivdual blank color images to help create your custom banner images with.
  • 3 detailed readme files.
  • Sandvox 1.6 ready!

Price: $12.00

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