Blueball Cubicle's v7.0 Update Adds New Features,
2 New Cubicle Blue Color Designs!


One of our earlier Sandvox design releases, the Blueball Cubicle design layout has been a huge hit with business owners using Sandvox to create their business sites with.  

The new v7.0 update of Blueball Cubicle adds a ton of powerful new features to it along with a new set of Blueball Cubicle "Blue" designs!

New Features Added:

  • Recoded main.css file extensively to bring it up to date for Sandvox 1.6 and above. Fixed and added too many items to list here.
  • NEW! Added 2 Cubicle “Blue” designs to bundle.
  • NEW! Added in built-in image resizing. Large images in content area will now be resized to full width of content area with sidebar showing less 15px automatically.
  • NEW! Added in blockquote styling.
  • Extensive update to info.plist file.
  • Added new placeholder image.
  • Completely new readme files.
  • Sandvox 1.6 and above ready!

Price: $12.00

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