Flexor Responsive Features

Flexor is a true responsive Sandvox design.

Using an original custom javascript file along with some never before used css coding in a Sandvox design, the Blueball Flexor Responsive design works around the current preset mobile display limitations of Sandvox designs, and gives you a fully functional responsive layout that allows your sites to display responsively on all desktop and mobile devices.

Check out these default Flexor Responsive features:

  • Makes your Sandvox site "Google Mobile-Friendly"!
  • Full screen width fixed position desktop nav menu with 2 dropdown sublevels.
  • Mobile nav menu layout with standard hamburger menu icon and customizable "Menu" text beside it.
  • Full screen banner images on all devices. Comes with 16 preset banner images for you to use.
  • Comes with 9 awesome colors: black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, purple, red, and teal.
  • Flexor will automatically load different sized full screen width banner images on desktop, tablets, and smartphones to keep page load times to a minimum.
  • Comes with an initial page width set to a max-width of 980px. This can be easily changed to a wider width via customization using Site Code Injection.
  • The content area is set to 75% of the max-width amount and the sidebar is set to 25%.
  • Once the mobile breakpoint widths are reached, the main content area and the sidebar content display as a single column with the content first and the sidebar below it with the footer at the bottom.
  • Font Awesome icons available and used in areas of the Flexor layout. Add your own in if you want with some custom css.
  • Slideshow page images in the slideshow itself span the full width of the content area and scale down as needed automatically depending on screen width.
  • Comes with a preset modern font style selection with 4 custom Google font styles to use via customization.

There's much much more you can do with Flexor - The ultimate responsive Sandvox design you have been waiting for!

Flexor is easy to customize.

We include a detailed easy-to-understand Flexor Customization readme file, packed with bits of css code for customizing many aspects of the Flexor design layout. And by using Sandvox's Site Code Injection, it's very simple for any level Sandvox user to do by adding css code into the Style Sheets window area. Best of all, we are here to assist you on this if you have any questions on any of the custom css code provided in the Flexor Customization readme file.

Mobile responsive site layouts are the standard now.

Internet users today expect web sites that they visit to be responsive and optimized for viewing on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This lack of responsiveness has been the biggest drawback with Sandvox generated sites for your mobile device viewers. Now with the Blueball Flexor Responsive designs, you can produce true mobile device friendly web sites for your site viewers, maximizing the visual impact of your site content on mobile devices!

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