Download the Actual Blueball Minimal Colors Design Bundle's Readme Files Below

Check out all that the Blueball Minimal Colors designs can do for you and your Sandvox 2 site ahead of time before you buy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Vestibulum bibendum, ligula ut feugiat rutrum, mauris libero ultricies nulla, at hendrerit lectus dui bibendum metus. 


Gives you important information on using the Blueball Minimal Colors designs with Sandvox 2.


Offers detailed easy-to-follow instructions for adding your own custom banner image into the Blueball Minimal Colors design layout in Sandvox 2.


Tells you what was updated in each new version release of the Blueball Minimal Colors designs.

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Sandvox is a registered trademark of Karelia Software, and is used with permission.