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Fun Facts About Creating A New Sandvox Design

Did you know on average that it takes 4 to 5 weeks from start to finish to design, code, and create a Sandvox design? Then you have to write the readme files for it and build new demo sites showing the cool layout features you've labored over to add into the design. …

Sandvox Can Be Used To Build Any Type Of Business Or Personal Web Site By Anyone. No Coding Experience Required.

When they say anyone can build a web site with Sandvox, they're not kidding. Anyone from a newbie to someone experienced in building web sites can build a full featured high performance web site with minimal effort that has all the latest web awesomeness built into it, by simply dragging and dropping in any of the 20+ Sandvox objects to your site page.  

You Have To Learn How To Use Sandvox Before You Can Build That Awesome Web Site Everyone Will Want To See.


Just like you have to learn to swim before jumping into the deep end, the same holds true for using Sandvox. While you can build a simple web site right off with Sandvox, if you want to build a full featured web site with Sandvox, you have to learn how to use Sandvox many features and options first. …

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