Blueball Quantum Design Details

With it's glossy nav menu, subtle page side shadows, and small page-top height, our Blueball Quantum Designs bundle is designed to add a sleek streamlined look to your Sandvox site that loads fast!

Our Blueball RW Quantum design bundle offers a sleek original minimal pro Web 2.0 look that will guarantee your Sandvox site stands apart from the rest. It's the perfect choice for those who don't want or need a tall banner image area in their site layout. Price: $10.00


  • 2 widths: 780px and 980px
  • 3 vibrant color schemes: red, blue and green
  • 6 designs included in bundle, 3 for each width
  • 6 Photoshop CS banner image files to create your custom banners with, 3 for each width
  • Built-in image resizing to the full width of the content area with sidebar showing.
  • 3 detailed readme files
  • Sandvox 1.6+ ready!

Blueball Quantum Readme Files:

Download the actual readme files and check out all that the Blueball Quantum design bundle has to offer before you buy.

Supported Browsers:

We test all our Sandvox designs extensively on the following browsers to make sure they will display correctly for you.

Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE6, IE7 and IE8.

Get a sleek stylish Web 2.0 look with Blueball Quantum!
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How To Buy and Download Our Blueball Design Bundles

To purchase any of our design products, just click on the Purchase button and that product will be added to your e-junkie shopping cart. When you are ready to checkout and complete your purchase click the View Cart button. You can choose either Paypal or Google Checkout to complete payment for your purchase. Immediately following your completed payment transaction, e-junkie sends you an e-mail with a link to use to download your Blueball Sandvox design bundle with.

How To Install Your New Blueball Sandvox Designs

After you download your Blueball design bundle to your desktop, double click on it to unzip the file. Inside the folder you will see the individual design files, readme files, etc. To install the designs in your bundle, double click on each individual design file with the extension .svxDesign. Sandvox will then automatically install your design files for you. After you finish, start up Sandvox 1.6, open your site file or start a new one, and your Blueball designs will appear in the design preview area at the top of the Sandvox work window.

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